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Ever wondered who really benefits from your gas prices going up?

Spoiler: it's the people who are making record profits while blaming "inflation".

Enjoy our satirical interview with "Canada's most honest oil and gas CEO" to learn the real story behind what's driving high gas prices - and who is raking in record profits as a result.

Evidence matters. Check the sources below for the data to back up everything our “CEO” says in the video:

Oil execs getting a bonus for jacking up prices:

Climate change making life harder and more expensive (for you) :

And a big shoutout to cast and crew who pulled this together for us:

“CEO”: Mike Dineen

Writer, director, audio: Tim Ellis

Director of photography: Mateen Missaghi

Production assistant: Estella Maise

Production consultant: Britney Rose

Editing lead: Mareks Petersons

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