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Troll farms, bots, and AI-powered disinformation mills work by making it impossible for the average person to sort out fact from fiction - and they're dominating online discussions, helped along by partisans with a political interest in undermining democracy. We've got a plan to fight back.

First, building on proven techniques we've developed and tested, we're organizing a network of amplifiers - from big influencers to grassroots people just like you - who can boost accurate, evidence-based messages online and help drown out the lies. They've got troll farms; we've got each other.

Second, we're putting together a team of core volunteers to help rapidly respond to misinformation as it happens, create engaging content on key issues of the day, and monitor disinformation outlets and extremist accounts. These volunteers will be equipped to help lead the charge in the ever-evolving information war online.

Finally, we're forging connections with the organizations that understand the reality of the intersecting crises facing our society - and are doing the hard work of addressing them. By making it easy for those organizations to get their message out and amplify each other in a unified way, we can make the truth so loud that the trolls, greenwashers, and liars can't break through.

In the manner of a disease targeting the immune system, disinformation targets trust in institutions first, inhibiting a response from those who would ordinarily be best positioned to do so. In other words: it's up to us to build a bottom-up, grassroots solution. Help make it possible. Get involved today.

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