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Celebrating Canada's Truth!

Truth matters

Canadians are decent people. We care about each other, our country, and our planet. We look after each other. And while it's not perfect, we cherish our democracy.

That's all possible, in part, because of our shared values. But it's also possible because of our shared truth.

Truth can be hard. Sometimes a lie is easier; sometimes it's faster; sometimes it's just what powerful people prefer. But truth matters.

Lately it can feel like truth is under attack. Online bots, trolls, and slick PR campaigns are constantly trying to drown it out.

We're not going to let them. We have a plan to amplify the truth and reclaim the digital commons for Canada's shared values.

We challenge disinformation & greenwashing by amplifying truth, justice, and kindness - the values that make Canada what it is, and show the path to what it can be. Truth matters - spread the word.

We're a grassroots group of people just like you, working together to make sure that the truth gets heard and the lies get challenged. But it only works if people like you take action. Get involved today.

We're funded by people who care - people like you. If it's not a hardship, chip in a few bucks today to help us give truth a fighting chance.

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